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Florida man says he wasn’t drinking while driving, just sipping at stops

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Florida man … it’s a term that always delivers on its promise to readers. In today’s installment, a Florida man was arrested after a woman complained that his vehicle had butted into the back of her car repeatedly in a McDonald’s drive-thru line in Vero Beach.

The woman pointed out the vehicle to a responding deputy, and the police report says the driver, Earle Stevens Jr., had an open bottle of Jim Beam in a brown paper bag in his front seat. As they made their introductions, he reportedly told the deputy he felt “pretty good.”

The deputy reports that Stevens said he’d never had a valid Florida

driver’s license

. When asked if he had been drinking, Stevens allegedly said yes.

Ah, but not while driving, according to this distinction:

“He further explained that he was not drinking while the car was moving and only when he stopped for stop signs and traffic signals,” a court document states.

Stevens allegedly said he’d had “about three drinks” but also that he drank “actively” from Port St. Lucie to Vero Beach. That’s nearly 30 miles.

At jail, his blood-alcohol level was measured in two


tests at 0.153 and 0.147, almost twice the legal limit. He’s been charged with


and driving without a license.

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