Ferrari Modulo catches fire driving through Monaco

Ferrari Modulo catches fire driving through Monaco

Accidents happen when you drive a car. The one-off


Modulo concept is not immune to such a fate, as the spaceship of a car recently caught on fire while out driving. In fact, it’s certainly far more likely for an untested

concept car

to experience more issues than any kind of a production car that’s gone through years of testing and development.

This particular incident was documented on Twitter by

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

. Jim Glickenhaus and his team recently bought the Modulo concept with the intention of making it road-worthy. The car was originally shown at the 1970 Turin Motor Show. We’ve since

seen videos of it

driving around, but this last drive went all sorts of wrong.

As Glickenhaus details in his tweets, the muffler was responsible for the blaze that damaged the rear of the vehicle. He says that an unnamed firm they’re no longer involved with designed the muffler that caught fire. Glickenhaus was prepared for such an occurrence (it does have a Ferrari engine in there after all). Jokes aside, the onboard fire suppression system did its job and extinguished the fire shortly after it began, saving the rest of the car. Unfortunately, it didn’t act fast enough to save it from some pretty nasty damage to the rear of the body. Glickenhaus was driving the car through downtown Monaco when the fire began, so we can assume there was an excessive amount of heat building up in there.

Surprisingly, Glickenhaus is continuing to drive about even after the fire. He tweeted a photo just an hour after the blaze showing the scarred Modulo charging up the mountains around Monaco. It’s tough to trust a car right after a faulty design just caused it to catch fire, but who are we to doubt Glickenhaus? No plans for restoration were detailed yet, but we imagine the Glickenhaus team will have it looking like new as soon as it can.

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June 28, 2019 at 04:27PM


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