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Exploring Iceland in a Porsche 964

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Meet Peter Lentz, as a 964 owner and aviator for Iceland Air, he’s a pilot in the true sense of the word. As he says, “I love to drive curves and fly fast.” Peter kind of fell into ownership of his 964. Trying to find an air-cooled Porsche for sale in Iceland can be challenging at best. "I was basically looking for an air-cooled one and this one popped up. You know, because we don’t have so many cars in Iceland for sale, I just grabbed the opportunity and bought the one that was on sale and that was the 964. So, actually, I didn’t have much of an option." Seems to us he lucked out with his 964 Carrera 4.

Today, Peter’s been flying with Iceland air for 18-years. His perfect end to a day of flying fast is a drive in his Porsche. As he says, "the 911, the feeling of driving that car makes it very, very special, It’s not about driving fast, you know. If you can drive a car that really lies well on the road, feels good, sounds great. That’s a good thing!"

"I’m not especially keen on driving fast anymore. I used to when I was younger, but not anymore. I like flying fast, especially if you level off on top of the clouds," says Peter. "When you cruise along at 860, or 880, almost 900 km/h, you have an immense sense of acceleration and speed. So, I get my kicks for speed up there because on the roads, it’s not so sensible." Sounds like Peter has his priorities set right.

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