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While a Porsche can indeed climb a ski slope, leaving your car at the top in order to ski down is less than ideal. Thankfully Porsche has a solution. Among their wide portfolio of projects, Porsche Design Studio is responsible for ski lifts and an Olympian’s sled. One of their more recent winter creations is a Gondola with extremely large windows for taking in the vistas. The Porsche Design Gondola will be installed at San Domenico, Italy, and will offer eight passengers panoramic views of their mountain ascent.

Porsche Design Gondola Winter

The new Panoramic Gondola is based on the shape of a pebble, but with the sides filed down to create window openings. This method creates a skeletal shape which is less boxy than a conventional gondola car.

Porsche Design Gondola Sketch

The design is meant to be timeless, a necessity giving the car’s long expected lifespan. Thankfully Porsche is a brand that understands longevity.

Porsche Design Gondola Summer

This project began several years ago, and claimed a German design award in 2013. According to Snow Industry News the project is due to begin construction in July of 2017. San Domenico’s Bartholet Railways currently uses the aforementioned Porsche Design Studio 6-Passenger chair lift. The addition of the new Gondola system should make for a handsome and functional addition to the ascent from San Domenico to the Alpe Ciamporino.

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