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Dalmation puts RV into reverse and into lake at boat ramp

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Here’s a public service announcement about what can happen when you leave your dog unattended in the front seat of a vehicle, particularly when you’re parked on an incline or doing something like launching a boat from a ramp.

Professional fisherman and four-time world champion whitewater kayaker Eric Jackson was working to launch his boat into Sam Rayburn Reservoir in east Texas for some practice angling before the Fishing League Worldwide 2019 Tour when things went horribly wrong. Jackson was standing on the rear bumper of his 38-foot RV preparing to unload his boat when the RV suddenly went into reverse, backing down the ramp and into the water.

Turns out, Jackson’s two-year-old Dalmation, Bodi, had stepped on the reverse switch and de-activated the brake. He quickly ran around the side of the RV and climbed aboard to try and stop it, but the vehicle was well down the ramp and submerged by the time he got inside. “By the time I got my foot on the brake, the back wheels were floating,” Jackson

told KBMT-TV

, a dual ABC-NBC affiliate in Beaumont, Texas.

“This RV will never leave Texas from what I can tell,” Jackson wrote about the incident on Facebook. “Just about everything in it is ruined and the water damage to the floors and walls is starting to become an issue. We are trying to dry it out and salvage it… stay tuned.”

Jackson is the founder of

Jackson Kayak

, a maker of freestyle and fishing kayaks, in Sparta, Tenn.

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