Curling Looks Like Way More Fun with Cars

Curling Looks Like Way More Fun with Cars

Now this is a sport we would watch in the Olympic Games.

Curling isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to watch, and often times it’s the butt of all jokes during the Olympic Games. But the Urals city of Ekaterinburg hosted an exhibition tournament for curling, but instead of using stones it used cars. Taking place on an outside skating rink, four teams of 10 pushed compact Oka cars towards giant curling markers painted on the ice. One of the teams even included a professional curling athletes.

There’s no broom action going on when you’re auto curling, but the driver is allowed to steer once the other nine “launch” the car. And just like traditional curling, the team with the car closest to the center of the target won each game.

RT reports the winners got a check for 100,000 rubles, which is about $1,600.

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