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Corvette ZR1 Lego Technic kit lets you add 755 horsepower to your desk

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Lego has been creating some seriously awesome kits for


like the

Porsche 911 GT3


Bugatti Chiron

, but now it’s the


turn. Just announced, this Lego Technic set is for the

ZR1 variety of Corvette

, and is a bit smaller and less complex than the first two of the series.

That said, it’s still a detailed Lego set for the Corvette enthusiast. You get the big wing, quad tailpipes, low-profile tires and black wheels from the ZR1. It has functional steering, and the V8 engine features pistons that move — neat. We compared the orange of the Lego with the only orange option for the car, and they’re not the same shade: the car’s is a darker and deeper orange. Lego looks to have tried to replicate all the wild aero from the ZR1, but it comes off as a bit fussy and unclean.

What the ZR1 set includes that the GT3 and Chiron don’t is the ability to build a different car with the available blocks. Instead of a Corvette, you can have yourself a classic hot rod. We’re partial to building the ZR1 and leaving it that way, though.

If you can’t buy a 755-horsepower Vette yet, this might be a good visual goal to set upon an office desk. It’ll be available to purchase from


on New Year’s Day for $49.99 — not a bad price considering the $300 price for the GT3 and over $400 for the Chiron. Sure, it’s also half the size of those models (nearly a foot in length), but what kind of Corvette would it be if didn’t boast impressive value?

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