Common Cause for Audi Misfire Problems

Audi cars and SUV’s tend to have some common  problems that cause the engine to misfire which will result in the check engine light to flash.

When the engine light is flashing you should not drive the car because it may cause internal engine damage that will be expensive to repair.

The most common we see at Doylestown Auto Repair is leaking valve cover gaskets.   When the rubber valve cover gaskets get old the rubber dry rots causing oil to leak into the spark plug holes and when the holes fill to the top with oil the spark plugs and coils can short out causing misfires.

If you drive your car with misfires you risk damaging the catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.  Which can cost depending on the engine you have in your car $1000 to $3000 for the parts plus $300 to $600 in labor depending on your drive train.

AWD cars always require more labor for the repair than front wheel drive cars.



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