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Choice Gear: Bugatti Bike

Choice Gear: Bugatti Bike

Living the Bugatti lifestyle, it turns out, is wildly expensive. Not only is there the initial outlay of buying a Bugatti, then there are all the accessories.

Obviously (obviously!) you’re going to want to buy the Buyachti, a 66-foot yacht with a fireplace on its deck to get you from port to port in style as you sail the seas sipping on the chilled champagne from your new yacht’s champagne bar.

But what about when you get back on land and want to do some exercise in style? You could buy some carbon fiber bike, but those are almost affordable now.

No, to distinguish yourself from plebs like Chris Froome, you’ll want this $39,000 bicycle from a company that’s actually called—and there’s no other way to say this—Pimpgarage…

It only weighs 5 kg (11 lbs) and comes in a range of colors, so you can match it to your Chiron and your yacht. Unfortunately the special bike is not intended for use on public roads, weirdly.

It is the lightest special urban bike in the world, whatever that means, so there’s that. And you’re unlikely to meet another person riding it, because they’ll be in velodrome, I guess, and there will only be 667 made.

Bugatti Chiron bike rack sold separately.

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