Check Out RWB’s 993 Cabriolet: Purist.

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We love watching Nakai-San work. Whether he’s building cars to be used on track or on the street, as in this case, there is something special about each one. This particular car started life as a 993 Cabriolet, and is known simply as "Purist," though it appears to be anything but "pure." All of the traditional RWB hallmarks are present, from the outrageous bolt-on fender flares to the extremely deep-dish wheels. The aesthetic and intent of this build are a little different to other RWB cars, and the fact that it is based on a cabriolet reminds this writer more than a little of the absurd Zender widebody cars of the 1980s.

While RWB cars are polarizing (Jack Baruth in particular is not a fan), the sheer novelty of this particular build really tickles my fancy. There is just something about the bonkers wide-body kit, hilariously low offset wheels, fixed back bucket seats and convertible top that just works.

As Porsche enthusiasts it can be very easy to take our favorite brand entirely too seriously. Whether or not you agree with Nakai-San’s MO for building these cars, there is just something cartoonish about their proportions that gives them a real sense of fun, and I think that works on a Porsche. As much as Porsche is a brand about performance, they are also a brand that creates a joyful car whose whole existence flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Whether you love RWB cars or hate them, it’s hard to deny that they do embody that spirit.

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