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BMW teaser video shows new 3 Series on assembly line

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has released a teaser video of the new


3 Series, depicting the early cars’ production at its Dingolfing manufacturing facility in Germany. The new 3 Series will be introduced at the

Paris Motor Show

next month as a 2019 model year car.

Last week, an image was leaked online, depicting

the new 3 Series under a transparent sheet

. The video is a more comprehensive look into the G20 and its workings, as it shows the car’s journey through the assembly line, from welding to body in white, to paint, drivetrain “marriage,” testing and quality control. As a final touch, a factory worker is shown attaching the blue and white BMW roundel badge to the hood of the finished car.

We don’t get a full, clear shot of the car at any point, but there are plenty of details to see, like the hood extending all the way to the kidneys, unlike on the outgoing F30 3 Series. The new “laser” headlights, complete with LED DRL elements, can also be seen fitted onto the cars on the line. The digital gauge cluster is also visible in the video’s interior shot, as a BMW undergoes testing on a rolling road, its transmission modes toggled. The car seen is an automatic, and there are no statements yet from BMW regarding the availability of a manual gearbox.

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