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BMW introduces X2 M35i crossover, with its most powerful four-cylinder

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has introduced a performance version of the


crossover, the X2 M35i. The vehicle marks a number of firsts for


Performance division that resides a rung below M GmbH on the corporate M ladder: It is the first four-cylinder car from M Performance, and it is also the most powerful four-cylinder from BMW. We’ve come far from the 200-horsepower E30


introduced three decades ago.

Despite the model name leading one’s thoughts towards 3.5-liter engines, the powerplant in the X2 M35i is a 2.0-liter. The “TwinPower


” engine produces 306 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque; BMW says the


reaches 62 mph in 4.9 seconds. The X2 M35i comes standard with the eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, and as it is deeply in its heart a front-wheel-drive vehicle despite having standard four wheel drive, the sport differential is on the front axle of the car, not rear. The eight-speed auto also comes with launch control.

Brakes, suspension and cooling have been upgraded for M Performance spec, meaning that the suspension is a stiffer M Sport setup, and that the brakes are remarkably large at 18″ for front and 17″ for the rear; wheels are 19-inch as standard and optional 20-inch wheels are available. BMW also offers an optional adaptive suspension with two manually adjustable modes.

The exterior of the X2 M35i has gained appropriate M Performance improvements with newly designed intakes and spoilers. There are Cerium Grey highlights done in the style of the M Sport package already available for the X2, and the M Sport exhaust has two four-inch tailpipes. The headlights and foglights have “full HD technology”, according to BMW. Inside, the improvements are also based on M Sport add-ons, such as the sport steering wheel and the optional M Sport seats. Other options include a full-color head up display and wireless Apple CarPlay.

BMW says the X2 M35i’s production is slated to begin in November, and for European markets in March. Pricing and market-specific availability hasn’t yet been announced.

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