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BMW 8 Series gets trim made with from actual meteorites in Night Sky edition

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has officially made the coolest

8 Series

ever. It’s called “Night


,” and features interior trim made of actual meteorites. From outer space. Yep, BMW has officially outclassed Rolls-Royce’s


night sky simulation ceiling, because they’ve literally brought space to you.

As things like these normally are, this BMW is a one-off custom-built project made by BMW Individual (BMW’s bespoke manufacturing team housed outside Munich). There’s a lot to unpack here, but we’ll start with the freaking meteorites. As many of you might know, small fragments of material from outer space frequently make their way to the Earth’s surface in the form of small rocks (meteorites). BMW attained a fair amount of the space-born material and gone and shaped it into trim pieces for this car. And you thought the hand-selected wood in your Rolls was as good as it got. In all, BMW placed meteorite on the center console, start button, gear selector lever and the iDrive controller. To go further, the door sills incorporate inlays from meteorites, along with being illuminated.

In keeping the space theme rolling, BMW decided to incorporate


surfaces throughout the car. The Widmanstätten pattern is the name we give to the distinctive surface pattern of meteorites. As you can see in the photos, it has a geometric structure with many straight lines, resembling ice crystals. This pattern is a result of metal alloy cooling down in an extremely slow process that cannot be reproduced naturally on Earth. So BMW used machines for the work. You’ll see the pattern gracing the mirror caps and air intakes/inlets on the front and sides of the car. It’s hand-stitched into the headliner, seats and the center console, too. Most surprising of all, BMW milled the pattern into the brake rotors themselves. Think of them as the coolest slotted rotors in the solar system. We shudder at what the replacement costs might tally for a Widmanstätten brake rotor. The brake calipers are


, resulting in units that are 30 percent lighter than traditional calipers — it also means BMW gets to sculpt the name of the car into them.

Further custom design touches come from tiny LED units in the armrests meant to replicate a starry sky — this one looks a bit like the Rolls ceiling, except transitioned downwards. All the colors used attempt to convey a feeling of space, like the deep midnight blue carpeting combined with tri-color leather seats. White, blue and silver all play together to reinforce the ambiance. BMW capped it off with a custom paint job. A non-metallic black is used as a base coat, which is then painted over with San Marino blue in a graduated effect from the bottom to the top of the wheel arches. Three layers of clear with varying pigment particle sizing are painted over that to try and convey a sense of depth, like the never-ending expanses of space.

We love the meteorite work that BMW carried out here at Autoblog, even if BMW strives to ruin it by saying the full-official-name is the BMW Individual

M850i xDrive Coupe

Night Sky. Yeah, we’re shaking our heads too. No mention of cost is related to us, but we imagine it’s unearthly expensive. In case you were wondering if the spaceship BMW is

as fast as

a sky cruiser, the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 produces 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. That’s plenty to make up for the meteorites weighing you down.

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