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Bidding is getting crazy for this 1994 Toyota Supra with 7,111 miles

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You could wait for the

all-new Supra to be revealed next month

. We’re pretty sure a Toyota


would let you put some money down for the




venture when it finally arrives. Or, you could throw down nearly $100,000 for a basically new

1994 Toyota Supra on Bring a Trailer




, finished in Renaissance Red with an immaculate tan leather interior, has only 7,111 miles on it, which is astonishing for a car that has typically been used, abused and modified to untouchable status. The original 17-inch wheels and Toyota CD/cassette stereo head unit are even maintained.

Seriously, what a very cool car.

However, we’re clearly not the only ones who think so, since bidding has gotten a bit nutty on

Bring a Trailer

and there’s still six days to go. When we wrote this, it was up to $90,000, which eclipses the previous high for

a Supra on BaT

: $80,700 for a modified 1993 Supra with 29,000 miles. By contrast, a one-owner, unmodified 1994 Supra with 95,000 miles went for $49,150 earlier this month, while a similarly red one with an automatic (ugh) and 126,000 miles managed only $32,000.

Now, should $90k be a little too rich for your blood but still have a ’90s sport coupe jones to satisfy, don’t you worry, BaT and Diamond-Star Motors currently has you covered: a

Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 with 2,500 miles

and a

Dodge Stealth R/T with (gulp) 1,100 miles

. Seriously, drive your damn cars, people.

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