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Behind the Scenes of the Beyoncé Porsche Preganancy-Shoot-Spoof.

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Beyonce on top of Porsche914

By now you’re most likely familiar with Beyoncé’s pregnancy photo shoot involving a flower filled 914 (if you’ve been living in a cave, that’s it above). While there are certainly worse uses for a 914, these Porsches deserve better than to be a prop.

Beyonce porsche pregnancy spook Christian O'Bryan

Idaho-based Porsche enthusiast, and multiple 914 owner Christian O’Bryan, saw Beyoncé’s photo shoot and saw opportunity. Earlier this week, O’Bryan took advantage of good weather in Idaho to replicate the photo shoot using one of his own 914 parts cars.

We Tracked Christian Down To Get Some Answers

We managed to track down Christian since his photo went viral on Reddit, and asked him some questions to get additional information about his photo shoot:

Yes.  That is my 914.  I actually own 3, but two, including the one I’m sitting on top of, are donors.  The one I’m on top of is a ’73. 

My wife and I saw the picture of Beyonce and realized that we had the same car in our back-yard and at that moment we knew we wanted to do this picture.   Since Idaho has been in the midst of one of the snowiest  winters in recent memory we had to wait for a good day to do it.  The weather was good yesterday and it just happened to be on the day of the Grammys.  My dad is a photographer and agreed to take the picture.  My wife (Lee) and I posted them last night.  The two guys holding up the tarp are my brother-in-law Ben and my sister-in-law’s boyfriend Tony.

Christian O'Bryan during the making of the Beyonce Porsche Pregnancy spoof photo

That’s Ben on the left and Tony on the right. Christian said Tony was so disgusted at his "dad bod" that he had to look away.

Does He Worry Jay-Z Might Seek Revenge?

Going viral has been an interesting experience for Christian, though at this point he doesn’t seem worried that Jay-Z will send someone to track him down.

We took the picture hoping someone would see it and get it off the ground.  We figured it wouldn’t get beyond the Facebook rounds of our friends.  We had no idea we’d be at 1M views on reddit after the first day.  We joked that if it got off the ground our end goal was to get on the Ellen show.[Ellen, are you reading this?]

As of this moment it’s been out for less than 24 hours.  We’ve heard from friends and family all over the country which has been fun. Yes, I’m really from Moscow, Idaho… I do have a dad bod (because I’m a new dad), but I’m only 25.

Has He Ever Done Anything Like This Before?

We asked Christian if he’s ever done anything like this before and he said "not really". He did mention that he and his wife used to paint their bodies for football and basketball games. More importantly, he stressed that this is the first time (and probably the last… unless they get on the Ellen show) he’s been photographed in his underwear.

It did cross our minds that Jay Z might have someone come talk to us.  It was done in fun.  We actually hope that Beyonce would get a kick out of it.

Christian sent in photos of his other Porsches; his fleet includes another parts car and the ’75 914 2.0l pictured above.

It’s always good to see a sense of humor in the Porsche community, and kudos to Christian for letting the world see him in his underwear online. Please share this post and help Christian reach his goal of finding his way onto the Ellen Show. We all know she’s a huge Porsche fan, too!

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