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Audi’s New RS5 DTM Completes 1,300 Miles of Testing

Audi’s New RS5 DTM Completes 1,300 Miles of Testing

Audi’s motorsport division was living it up in Italy this week soaking in the sun, eating some of fine local fare, and turning in impressive lap times.

That’s because Audi Motorsport was at Vallelunga testing its brand new RS5 DTM, first revealed at Geneva but a week ago.

DTM Test Vallelunga

Although the car was just revealed, it already had some new bodywork that Audi isn’t particularly interested in talking about, but which goes over in some detail. Highlights include a revised side-skirt for improved aero and a new diffuser.

According to Audi, though, that’ll be it for the changes. This Playboy RS5 DTM now looks exactly the same as it will when it hits the starting grid of the first race in May, says Audi.

“It was important for us to drive the final car in this last pre-season development test and to make optimum use of the few test days available to us in the DTM,” said Dieter Gass, head of Audi Motorsport. “That’s why we’re very happy to have found perfect external conditions at Vallelunga and being able to drive for three days without any issues worth mentioning.”

DTM Test Vallelunga

In its time at the Italian track, the RS5 DTM covered a total of 1,300 miles. “An impressive number for a new car,” said Mattias Ekström, who completed 475 miles on the car’s first testing day.

DTM cars, this season, are required to use less downforce in an attempt to make competition tighter. Despite that, the cars have more power and access to softer tires, so lap times are expected to drop. The result, though, is a car that’s way harder to drive.

“The new DTM cars are definitely more demanding in terms of driving skills. Plus, finding a perfect set-up compromise for the softer tires and the changed aerodynamics is a great challenge. The season is going to be packed with excitement for sure!”

DTM Test Vallelunga

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