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Audi Virtual Sandbox with Real Sandbox

Audi Virtual Sandbox with Real Sandbox

It’s probably a safe bet that most readers of this site have been building racetracks in our minds for most our lives. Now, Audi has given life to those imaginings with Virtual Reality.

The Audi virtual sandbox started as an ad campaign from Audi Norway, but it turns out there’s a real sandbox that lets people build an off-road course in a real-life sandbox. The sandbox is then measured, using digital witchcraft, and rendered. The builder then puts on a VR headset and jumps into a driver’s seat to play.

To see what living in this virtual world would be like, Audi Norway has also released a 3D video of the course from the commercial for you to explore.

This might well be the best use of VR to date. The ability to create tracks and courses and then play in them sounds like ludicrous fun. All Audi needs to do now is give me the ability to build a road course with a sheet of paper and I’ll never need to leave the house.

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February 23, 2017 at 05:00AM

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