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Audi to Cut Down Powertrains by 40%

Audi to Cut Down Powertrains by 40%

In its quest to become a leader in electric mobility, Audi will cut down on traditional combustion engines, CEO Rupert Stadler said recently.

“In the long run we will reduce up to 40% of the current drive versions,” said Stadler. “We take complexity off the system and will hereby free up resources for the electric drive systems of the future.”

Defending the move, Stadler said that certain engines can be dropped without much cost to the Audi lineup.

“I’m absolutely convinced that new things can only arrive if we throw a few things overboard,” he said. “Two-door derivatives for instance that aren’t selling in high volumes anymore? Okay, we can take these models out without losing a lot.”

Stadler continued, adding that the company’s variety of four-cylinder engines could also be pared down.

“Do we need so many four-cylinder engines with various powers? Do we need a manual and automatic version? That is the ultimate objective,” said Stadler.

Although some may feel the loss dearly, the move is anything but shocking for Audi, which has been headed towards electrification for some time now. Furthermore, Audi’s parent group, Volkswagen, has stated that it would like its electric vehicles to effectively replace its diesel vehicles by 2025.

Audi has stated that it will be debuting three new all-electric models in the next three years—two SUVs and a compact car, based on VW’s MEB platform.


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March 23, 2017 at 08:04AM

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