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Leh Keen seems destined to break the internet, at least as it relates to clips on insane 911 driving. Just last month we watched him pick up the Christmas tree in a way most 911s never will. The year before that it was his "Fu-Keen’ Christmas card along with numerous videos showing his rain driving skills, passing capabilities and overall awesomeness regardless of what he’s driving.

Safari snow fun in NC this weekend.

Posted by Lehman Keen on Sunday, January 8, 2017

That leaves us with the video above. By now, you’re most likely familiar with "The Keen Project". Those are these awesome 911 Safari creations you see all over social media. At this point Lee’s built 4 of them, the 5th is in progress and there’s a short waiting list for those coming next. Part of the reason for the success of Lee’s project is due to videos like those above. Not every 911 can perform the way Lee’s Safari cars can. Then again, not every driver can perform the way Lee can, so don’t be fooled and think just because Lee can do it, you can, too…

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