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It’s hard to believe that this coming May will bring us the fourth iteration of Patrick Long and Howie Idelson’s now iconic Porsche car show, Luftegkühlt. Can a car show become "iconic" after just 3 previous gatherings? Here at, we think so. Initially branded as a series of "automotive-themed events featuring a tightly-curated list of historically significant or interesting cars – both race and street" Luftgekühlt has quickly become a cult of all things air-cooled. Today, Long and Idelson announced the date for their latest show, Luftgekühlt 4. It’s the first weekend in May (the 6th through 7th) and will be held somewhere in Los Angeles.

luftgekuhlt 2017 date

Like with previous "save the date" announcements, Patrick and Howie haven’t given out the venue yet. but after the last three choice you can be sure the space will compliment the cars and add interest to the overall show. As we get more information we’ll be sure to pass it along. For now, feel free to look back at our coverage of the first three shows including:

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