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Our last JP&Co feature centered on when to buy a late model 911. Their latest video focuses on choosing your ideal 911. Thanks in part to Porsche’s gargantuan option list there are a lot of things to consider when buying a used 911. Being able to identify important options at a quick glance is very helpful. Private sellers and dealers alike often have trouble listing Porsche options accurately. While car configuration is very important when choosing the right 911, the video points out that this just one of many factors to consider.

The video names numerous useful strategies for getting the best possible deal when doing business with a dealership. The host’s suggestion to only mention a potential trade-in late in the process is a good one. Waiting to introduce a trade helps to keep the trade-in’s value out of the negotiation. For a very late model car it is also important to weigh the value of a Porsche Certified Used Car versus one from a third party.

Another helpful suggestion is to use CarGurus rather than Autotrader. CarGurus has a number of helpful features, including better refinements by model than many similar sites. Unlike other sites, CarGurus indicates how long a car has been on the lot. The longer a car has stayed in inventory, the more likely a dealer is to cut a good deal to get rid of it. In conjunction with the above suggestion about trade-ins, this can potentially push you as a buyer into a higher caliber of 911.

Of course the rules change somewhat when buying an older car, or when buying a car at auction. Other tools, such as Porsche’s Certificate of Authenticity, are nearly indispensable when trying to determine a classic Porsche’s original configuration. The important lesson here is to always research before you buy. A good Porsche purchase should lead to many years of happy ownership.

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