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Audi Repair Dealer Pricing Question?

I have had several questions about Audi Repair dealer pricing on parts and service.  Pricing would seem to be a simple and straight forward thing but it can get confusing.

labor time matrix
labor time matrix

Service departments often use a pricing matrix that basically changes the labor rate based on the amount of hours they are charging.

What most customers don’t realize is that the more hours of work you are paying for the higher the hourly labor rate goes when they use the pricing matrix.

The price matrix is basically a penalty for being a good customer.

Audi Repair Parts prices–  many dealers charge their service customers higher than list prices for parts so in many cases you could walk in the parts department and get the parts cheaper than the service department would charge you if they install the same parts.

This situation is usually a result of the parts department needing to make more money off of the service department because the parts manager and his employees get paid on commission and any discounts directly effect their pay checks.

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