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Audi of America Hits April Sales Record

Audi of America Hits April Sales Record

Yet again, Audi of America has set a monthly sales record. With more than 18,000 cars sold last month, the automaker had its best American April ever, beating last April’s figure, itself a record, by 5%.

The usual suspects sold in big numbers, driving sales for the brand. Sales of the Q5 increased by 26%, while the Q7’s numbers increased by 22%, and the A4’s by nearly 9%.

The Allroad also had a big month, with sales increasing 60%, along with the R8, and the A5.

Not every car in the lineup performed better than it did last April, though. Sales of the A3 decreased precipitously, as did sales of the TT, and the A7.

The increases outweighed the decreases, though, adding to Audi’s year-to-date improvement. So far, the sales in 2017 are outstripping 2016 sales by nearly 8%.

“Customers are responding well to our new products,” said Mark Del Rosso, COO. “With the new Q5 in full force and the new A5, we have much cause to be optimistic that our product offensive will position us well for continued growth this year.”

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