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Audi debuts interactive backseat VR technology with Marvel’s Avengers

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In the future, you’ll be able to hop in the backseat of an


or other car, put on some virtual reality glasses and take part in a realistic VR game, movie or educational experience that is informed by the actual movements of the car itself. Keeping kids entertained on long

road trips

may never be the same again.


is showcasing that technology this week at CES in Las Vegas, teaming with Disney and Interactive Experiences to show “Marvel’s


: Rocket’s Rescue Run” in the backseat of an


. Under the technology, the

battery-electric crossover

functions as a ship manned by the Guardians of the Galaxy, with the passengers navigating an asteroid field together with Rocket Raccoon. The demo doubles as a teaser to Marvel Studios’ forthcoming movie

“Avengers: Endgame”

this spring.

Audi says every movement of the car is reflected in the user’s experience in real-time. So if the car turns a tight corner, the player makes a hard turn around an opposing spaceship in virtual reality.

The technology is the product of a startup called Holoride, which Audi co-founded as a minority partner through its subsidiary Audi Electronics Venture, which developed the technology. The plan is to offer the tech via an open platform made available to all automakers and content developers.

Audi says the technology allows for the development of arcade games, underwater adventures, space exploration and even educational trips through the human bloodstream. It plans to launch the technology on the market within the next three years with standard VR glasses for backseat passengers.

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