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Audi A6 Timing Chain Problems

The Audi
3.2L engine used in the A6 and Q5 tend to have timing chain problems and most
dealers charge between $7000 and $8000 to repair.  We repair these engines all
the time for around $3900.

The cost is more if you have bent
valves or cracked pistons but in most cases we can repair your motor saving you

Used 3.2l
Audi A6 engines sell for between $4000 and $4500 depending on the mileage and
still need new chains and tensioners installed.

In the last
three months I have seen six 3.2L engines that drove or got towed in with chain
noise and low compression on one or more cylinders. 

When the
3.2L Audi motors first started showing up with timing chain noise and camshaft
faults, I could just replace the upper chains and tensioners with a cost of

Three of the
cars were placed the bent valves, timing chains and the cost was $5500.  The
other three got used engines and I installed new timing chains in the used
engines.  Those cars cost between $4500 and $5800 to fix depending on what
needed to be replaced.

Some other
common problems are the brake vacuum pumps leak, high pressure fuel pumps fail
and the motor mounts leak and break.  The plastic pcv hoses become brittle and
fall apart and the oxygen sensors usually fail on the bank with the bad chain

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