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Are These The 5 Best Wings Porsche Has Ever Designed?

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The wings and spoilers on Porsches were always meant to be functional. They’re part of an entire system of aerodynamic grip, that works in conjunction with mechanical grip (suspension and tires) to allow your Porsche to go faster. To go faster you need power and a Porsche’s engine produces plenty of that. However, there’s a limit to how much power you can put to the ground without simply spinning your wheels. To combat this, you can either increase the weight of your Porsche (but that kind of defeats the purpose) or you can create "virtual" weight using the air that flows around your Porsche’s body. That’s where the wing comes in.

Normally, when we think of a wing, we think of "lift" or the ability to fly. However, if you take that same wing and put it upside down, it works in the opposite manner using the airflow to put virtual weight or a "negative force" that pushes your Porsche down on the road. Working in conjunction with splitters, diffusers and other aero components, the spoiler on your Porsche provides that negative force and allows you and your Porsche to reach its maximum performance with relative safety and stability.

Is This The Worst Spoiler You’ve Ever Seen on a Porsche?

In Porsche’s most recent installment of their Top 5 series on YouTube, they take a look at 5 of their favorite wing designs. Entries include the new Cayman GT4 as well as the Panamera Turbo S (rightly deserved with its futuristic fold-out spoiler) as well as two classic designs found on the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 and 959. While their top pick comes in the form of a 935 better known to most as "Moby Dick".

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