Another brick in the wall: Lego offers latest clue to new Land Rover Defender

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We know a new Land Rover Defender’s coming. We’ve seen it

in spy shots

, we’ve seen it

as a hybrid in spy shots

, we’ve seen it in official JLR spy shots while

road-testing in exotic places

, we know

where it will be built

, we know it’s

coming to North America

, and we know

when it will be revealed

— although it was sorta-kinda just revealed, at least in Lego form.

So says Bob of Bob’s Vintage Bricks, who tweeted the image.

And so says a website called

The Brothers Brick

, which tells us that the kit will be a 2,573-piece Lego Technic “replica of the legendary utility vehicle.” The kit is said to come with working steering, four-speed gearbox, three differentials, working suspension — and even a working front winch.

But rather than a replica of the legend, it seems more like a model of the legend-to-be. Flared wheel openings, bluff grille, badge placement in a bar in the grille, overall boxiness — it all seems pretty close. Since we’ve only seen the Defender wrapped, the white roof is a new bit of information. It’s a two-door, but we have seen two-doors in testing (gallery below).

Land Rover Defender

But the most telling hint is this: The kit is said to be coming out in October, and we know the Defender reveal is happening in September. So the pieces all fit, as it were.

Here is a reprise of some Defender galleries we’ve had, for your comparison purposes …

from Autoblog

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