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An Inside Look at the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Launch!

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As a New Yorker I will take any opportunity to head South or West in the middle of winter. When Michelin offered to send me/ both South AND West, in the middle of January, my bag was packed before I finished reserving flights. The first session of the PS4S launch had near-perfect weather, which served as an ideal background for the wide array of cars and venues served up by Michelin for the event. Here is an inside look at the festivities at the Thermal Club and Joshua Tree.


We posted this 991 GT3 on Instagram not long after I finished my ride along with Mike Miller. What wasn’t apparent from our photo was the astonishing amount of media coverage provided by Vice for the event. Vice Media arrived with numerous media teams photographing and filming everything from candids to videos. Unless otherwise noted all of the photos in this article come from Vice, who were nice enough to provide us with a personalized media package.

340i Autocross

Though some Porsches were present, the event was not defined by them. The Autocross and Track Driving segments at the Thermal Club both featured BMWs. The autocross, which featured a wet ~210 degree first turn, utilized the BMW 340i…

Off the track at North Palm Circuit

… While the roadcourse segment used BMW M4s.

New on Camera

I admit, it is very unusual for me to have a microphone in front of me. For some of the guests at the Michelin Pilot Experience this was probably much more like a day at the office.

Definitely Rod Emory

After a few moments it was sorted out that this person was actually Porsche-builder-extraordinaire Rod Emory, and not photographer Mo Satarzadeh.

Keanu Reeves at Joshua Tree

We had good company on the street tour segment, including Keanu Reeves and Arch Motorcycles co-founder Gard Hollinger.

Patrick Moran and classic Michelin

Each evening began with a large reception, which was staged around a selection of cars and artifacts from Michelin’s past. Where, but a Michelin event, are attendees going to geek out over long obsolete tires?

Singer Malibu

The receptions were littered with cool cars, including the "Malibu" Singer 911 and a Koenigsegg. A few of my photos of the Singer are attached in the clickable gallery.

Panel Discussion

Racing legend Justin Bell acted as MC for each evening’s festivities. The first night included a panel discussion with Tommy Milner, Kuno Wittmer, Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger.

Justin was nice enough to step aside an speak to me about his first experience at Le Mans with me. 1992 was Justin’s only appearance at the event in a Porsche.

Meta Michelin Meal

Michelin being Michelin, this event was not just about the cars. Food was provided by newly Michelin-Starred Chef Michael Tusk.

Michael Tusk and the Michelin Man

While getting face-time with the Michelin Man is not required for a Michelin Star, it is recommended.

C63 Sunrise

Michelin could not have asked for better weather or a better venue to launch the new Pilot Sport 4S. This whole experience was a wonderful way to show that the best UHP tire on the market can just keep getting better.

[Photos courtesy of Vice Media except where noted]

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