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All Lamborghini Venenos Recalled for Fire Risk

All Lamborghini Venenos Recalled for Fire Risk

If you ever thought that modern Lamborghinis were a bit soft and nothing like their forefathers from the ‘60s, prepare to be disabused of that notion. The Aventador and the Veneno have just been recalled due to a risk of fire, which any Miura owner will tell you is pure, classic Lambo.

As a result of the hazard, Lamborghini is recalling about 1,500 Aventadors and all 12 Venenos, which will surely inconvenience the owners greatly. They might have to take public transit to work.

The problem stems from a fault in the Aventador’s evaporative emissions control system, said Lamborghini in a statement. This fault can cause fuel vapors not to be properly treated, which, combined with “particular maneuvers,” can cause the vapors to come into contact with hot gasses and lead to a fire.

That “particular maneuver,” said Lambo was “engine over-revving at idle,” which sounds suspiciously like revving the engine at the stop light, so pride, in this case, goeth before the fire.

Lambo has also said that installing an unapproved after-market exhaust system is a real Venono, because there’s also a risk of fuel coming into contact with it when the tank is full.

American owners can expect a letter in the mail to set up an appointment at a dealer to fix the evaporative emissions control system. And that satisfies our quota of hard-hitting, consumer journalism for the day. You’re welcome.

[source: Bloomberg]

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February 15, 2017 at 03:54AM

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