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6 Reasons PDK is Better Than a Manual Transmission

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If that’s not a title to incite a flame war, than I don’t know what is. However, from a completely objective standpoint it’s hard to argue. Stay with us for a minute and we’ll explain.

By now, most of you know all about Porsche’s PDK transmission. Hopefully, you’ve even had a chance to try it at some point. If you haven’t, I would encourage you to visit your local Porsche dealer and take a sports car equipped with PDK out for a test drive. If you want (or need) a deeper technical understanding about PDK, then read this post about the original PDK or the this post about the new 8-speed PDK currently found in the Panamera. Otherwise, carry on.

Youtube’s Nick Murry’s most recent video is a comparison of a Porsche 911 Carrera equipped with PDK vs. his 911 C4S equipped with a 7-speed manual transmission. And even though he’s wearing a t-shirt that’s less than flattering toward drivers of PDK transmissions (I’ll let you figure out what it says) he does go on to list 6 reason PDK can be seen as better than the manual transmission:

  • 1. It’s Simply Faster
  • 2. PDK is easier to use. Anyone can drive one well and drive one fast
  • 3. Better fuel economy
  • 4. Launch control. It requires the optional Sports Chrono package, but man is it fun
  • 5. Better suited to new Turbo powered engines found in most new Porsches
  • 6. Lower maintenance costs. Assuming no catastrophic failures, should easily last the lifetime of the car with no need for clutch changes

As for the benefits of a manual transmission, he’s quick to point those out, too.

  • 1. It’s a less expensive option than the PDK
  • 2. Perhaps, most importantly, and what most will agree with, it’s a more engaging transmission to drive

Nick says that more than 80% of Porsche sport cars come equipped with PDK.* What say you?Do the benefits of PDK outweigh the driver involvement you get from a manual transmission or do you prefer to row your own gears despite the fact you might be slower?

*We couldn’t confirm that number independently, but it seems accurate based on our anecdotal evidence.

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