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2022 Mini Hardtop spied with bigger grille

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The current generation of Mini Hardtop and Convertible has been around since 2014, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise that one of our spy photographers spotted a group of test cars sporting refreshed styling. These cars were all Mini Cooper S or Mini John Cooper Works models, and the mild styling tweaks make us believe these updates will be applied to the 2022 Mini Hardtop and Convertible lines, with small changes for different trims.

One shot of a few Minis shows one of them wearing no camouflage at all. While the angle isn’t ideal, there’s still plenty we can make out. It appears to be a John Cooper Works based on the particularly large lower and outboard grilles. It seems to have a John Cooper Works badge in the side of the grille with black tape over it, too. The main grille is noticeably larger than that of the current model. It also adopts a mesh pattern over the whole surface. There’s still a bar dividing the grille, but the division is less distinct than on the current car. We can also see this version gets a pronounced front splitter.

The other cars in these shots have more thoroughly disguised front and rear ends. The larger main grille does seem to show through, as well as more lower grille area. At the back, the updated Mini has a wider diffuser area, and immediately above it is a set of vents that span the same width. This seems to be a John Cooper Works since it looks fairly aggressive with large center exhaust tips. The regular Hardtop and Convertible models will probably have more toned down versions of this bumper without the center exhaust.

Since these are relatively minor styling updates, we expect them to show up on the 2022 Hardtop and Convertible variants. They could be accompanied by powertrain and feature changes, too. In fact, reports have said that there could be a smaller Hardtop model that’s electric-only coming around 2022, with this refreshed version sticking around for a few years during the transition.

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