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2020 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder getting Performante looks

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Huracán has been around since the 2015 model year, and has been pretty much unchanged with the exception of a slightly restyled rear-drive variant. Lamborghini seems to think it’s about time the Huracán was updated, since one of our spy photographers caught a new version in light camouflage out testing. It appears the new model borrows heavily from the



n Performante


Up front, the main grille has pretty much the same set of fins and gills as the ultra-fast Huracán. There does appear to be an extra pair of horizontal slats on either side of the middle trapezoidal shape in the grille. Along the side, things are pretty much the same as on any current Huracán, but the lower intakes now have little winglets in the middle of the air inlets.

The rear of the car is the most noticeably changed. It features two large exhaust tips in the middle of the rear fascia à la the Performante. They’re also housed in another trapezoidal structure, again like on the top-dog Huracán. The rear diffuser is more aggressive than the current model, but not as much as the Performante. There aren’t any openings behind the rear tires, either, and the air outlets on either side of the exhaust area are new. There’s also a more pronounced duck tail spoiler than on previous models.

We aren’t expecting any earth-shattering changes for this updated Huracán. For one thing, the visual changes show that this is mostly the same car underneath. We could see it taking advantage of the stiffer suspension and some the light, molded carbon fiber parts of the Performante to help improve the performance a bit more.

The Performante’s active aerodynamics

will probably stay exclusive to that high-performance model, though. There’s also the fact that completely

new versions of the Huracán and Aventador are on the horizon, and may pack some huge changes such as hybrid powertrains

. As such, Lamborghini is probably just going to try and stretch this model until it’s time for the new one.

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