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2020 Ford Mach 1 EV teased in design rendering

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its announcement in January



has kept the 2020 Ford Mach 1 performance electric


shrouded in mystery (including the mystery of whether it will even be called the Mach 1 after a negative public reaction to that name being appropriated). All we’ve had to go on was a logo,




references, and, most recently,

a prototype with an Escape body on it

. But now the company has released a teaser rendering, and it certainly has us intrigued.

The rendering comes to us through

Ford Team Edison

, the group in charge of new

electric vehicle


The group posted the teaser in a story

about the development team. What it shows is the back end of the crossover, and it looks very much like a Mustang. It has the three-bar taillights on either side enshrined in a rounded panel that stretches the full width. The roofline looks roughly like the fastback design of the current Mustang coupe, but it’s hard to tell how upright it will be without any indication of depth. Judging by some of the cutlines shown in the drawing, it will be a hatchback.

We do have concerns about the look, though. For one, the taillights look surprisingly small in this drawing. We fear that if the taillights are kept too small, it may make the whole car look overly large and poorly proportioned. We’re also a little concerned about Ford simply slapping a Mustang rear fascia on an otherwise conventional looking crossover. But we could be wrong. It could end up being more like a four-door fastback hatch version of the Mustang with a tall ride height, kind of like a muscular, taller


. Anyway, we’ll reserve final judgment for when the car makes its debut likely toward the end of 2019 or early 2020.

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