Kia and Amazon team up to sell at-home electric charging stations

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wants to be the one-and-only destination you go to for online shopping, and it’s edging a little further into the car world with its latest partnership.


is teaming with the online retail giant to sell and install Level 2 chargers for your home. To buy the chargers on offer, you’ll need to own/


an electric or plug-in Kia, or at least have one on order. That includes the



Soul EV

, Niro PHEV and



This is being done in an attempt to make buying and installing these kind of chargers easier. Most folks know and understand Amazon, so buying everything you might need to get an

electric car

charger up and running from them could be a comforting process.

The benefit to this way of acquiring a 240-volt charger is that Amazon sets up the whole installation process. It’ll call out an electrician to inspect your house to see if any changes need to be made to support it, then install the charger. A choice of three Level 2 car chargers are being sold through this partnership. The brands include

Bosch, ChargePoint and JuiceBox

, ranging from most to least expensive respectively.

Access to a Level 2 electric car charger will make your life with an electric car all the better. The

2020 Soul EV


2019 Niro EV

both get to a full charge in a little more than nine hours on a Level 2 plug versus a long 59-hour wait from a Level 1 charger. You can get by with Level 1 sometimes, but getting home on a depleted battery late at night then leaving early in the morning doesn’t work. In these situations, juice at a faster rate is deeply needed.

The chargers

are available for purchase now.

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