Ford introduces Grabber Lime for 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

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gave us a breakdown of all the

aero and thermal engineering

for the

Mustang Shelby GT500

earlier this week. Now we get to learn about an awesome new color called Grabber Lime that’ll be offered on that car and the rest of the


lineup for the 2020 model year. It’s a play off the Grabber Lime offered for the

1971 Mustang

, but updated with “modern, dynamic pigments and bold new energy,” according to Ford. It’s also just in time for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend.

We dig the color on the GT500, especially with the black racing stripes and black accents all around the car. The blue it was revealed in at the

Detroit Auto Show

is pretty slick, but this green is going to be hard to turn down on the order sheet. Other new colors we’ll see in the 2020 Mustang lineup are

Twisted Orange

, Iconic Silver and Red Hot Metallic. All these will be available on the


and GT500, too.

Ford’s color and materials manager describes the green best. “It’s lime green on steroids,” Barb Whalen said. We don’t disagree. The GT500 is essentially the Mustang on steroids, so this color fits perfectly. With over 700 horsepower on tap, quarter-mile runs in the 10s and the claim that it’s going to be the fastest Mustang ever around a road course, this is clearly going to be a watershed car for Ford. It’s only right that it comes with the option of some epic new colors. The only one missing from the order sheet now is

Grabber Blue

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