2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition will be the most powerful Lexus since the LFA

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are pulling out the stops when it comes to

sports cars

at the

Detroit Auto Show

. In addition to the real, final reveal of the

Toyota Supra

, we’ll also see a just-announced 2020

Lexus RC F

Track Edition. According to a representative from Toyota it will be the most powerful Lexus offered since the



With the announcement of the hot RC comes a teaser image of the car. It shows the requisite giant carbon fiber wing that all hardcore track cars need. The car also appears to be painted in a matte gray, which will undoubtedly be matched with blue accents since

blue and gray are the official colors of the Lexus F brand

. A particularly impressive design element is how the F logo appears to be woven directly into the carbon fiber of the wing.

As for how much power the


Track Edition will produce, we can at least guess a range while we wait for the reveal. The most powerful LFA,

the Nurburgring Edition

, made 562 horsepower, and

the regular model made 552 horsepower

. The most powerful Lexus on sale right now is

the LC 500

with a 471 horsepower V8. At least 500 horsepower seems a safe bet for this special RC F, and it will probably come from a massaged version of the 5.0-liter V8 in the regular RC F and

LC 500

. Stay tuned for all the details when it’s shown on January 14, 2019 in Detroit.

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