Porsche 911 Heritage Design Packs add retro flair to modern cars

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At the

2019 New York International Auto Show



showcased two

911 Speedsters

. A bright red version displayed the final


form, of which 1,948 units will be built, and a silver car with white graphics showed the concept that previewed the production model. Although the Speedsters’ slick exterior design captured guests’ attention, the interior on the

concept car

was crafted with the Heritage Design Package, which Porsche just announced will inspire future limited-edition models and future option packs on upcoming 911 models.

The Speedster is part of Porsche’s Heritage Design Strategy. Together,

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

and Style Porsche are aiming to keep the company’s history alive by integrating classic designs from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s into new models. These designs will rightfully be applied to modern 911s.

Porsche says that the 911 Speedster with the Heritage Design Package “gives an initial outlook on the design of these ‘lifestyle’ vehicles,” and that “additional special models will follow as of next year, at certain intervals and in limited numbers.” Additionally, new Heritage Design Packages will be available on 911s with elements from aforementioned decades. Based on a quotes from a press release, it sounds like Porsche could apply these features on a

hybrid 911


“To us it is vital to transport the brand’s values into the future. Heritage Design models represent an intentional addition to contemporary



electric vehicles

as part of which technical innovations are in the focus,” Porsche Director of Exclusive Manufaktur Vehicles Boris Apenbrink said.

“Porsche set benchmarks in terms of design and styling from the outset – vehicles from different eras are style icons nowadays. We bring back these iconic looks and thus prove that Porsche will stay true to its roots, even in the age of electrification,” Director Interior Design Style Ivo van Hulten added.

Everything from old color and equipment cards to

museum vehicles

will influence the Heritage Design Packages. Porsche fanatics can rejoice at the thought of the reemergence of Pepita, Pasha, corduroy, and plaid patterns, which will be produced with “cutting-edge materials.”

The first special-edition model will debut next year, and Porsche says it will wear the old-school logo from the ’60s. We’ll have to wait and see what else it brings to the show. For more Porsche interior design love, check out the company’s

Top 5 seat designs


from Autoblog http://bit.ly/2X588FG

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