ABT Previews its 500 hp Take on the TT RS-R

ABT Previews its 500 hp Take on the TT RS-R


The TT RS-R from ABT Sportsline has just been announced packing 100 more hp than the standard RS ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, next week.

The lunatics at Germany’s biggest VAG tuner, ABT Sportsline have given the Audi TT RS 500 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. To handle the extra power, new springs and sport stabilizers have been added, too.

So that no one mistakes your TT RS-R for a TT RS, ABT has also fitted its version with a new front spoiler, a new frame for the grille, new blades and flics also up front, side skirts, and 20 inch ABT Sport GR glossy black wheels.

Not only will the car look great, but with ABT’s new stainless steel exhaust with double tailpipes ensure that the TT RS-R sounds great, too.

“The uncompromising upgrade for the ABT TT RS-R illustrates the essence of ABT Sportsline: We have been focusing on our customers for over 120 years. Each vehicle is tested for reliability down to the last detail and offers maximum driving enjoyment,” says Hans-Jürgen Abt.

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