2020 Mini John Cooper Works GP appears to have its Nurburgring time on the dashboard

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Twitter user Will Pierce shared a photo of the dash

, and the time wasn’t just on a piece of paper, it was molded into the plastic trim of the dashboard. Mini is really proud of it, but maybe they shouldn’t be


proud because it’s not a record, giving it the benefit of the doubt that it’s front drive like past GPs. The time is 7:56.69. The current front-drive record holder is

the Renault Megane R.S. Trophy-R at 7:40.1

. That’s over 16 seconds faster. It also edged out

the Honda Civic Type R’s old record of 7:43.8

. Even the third-fastest front-driver,

the VW GTI Clubsport, did a lap in 7:47.19


In the grand scheme of things,

Nürburgring lap times aren’t that important

. They’re a fun bragging right, but there’s much more that’s important about cars than raw times. We’re just giving the Mini a hard time because, well, if you’re going to throw a time in someone’s face every time they hop in the car, maybe you should make sure it’s truly impressive. But we’re sure the GP will be a riot, and we can’t wait for more details and the opportunity to drive one.

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