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2019 Mazda3 shows off factory bodykit, Miata gets a hardtop at Tokyo Auto Salon

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2019 Mazda3

wasn’t exactly lacking in the sporty style department when

it was shown last month in L.A

. But everyone, including


, knows that doesn’t mean it can’t be even sportier. As such, the company is showing off a version of the new compact hatchback at

Tokyo Auto Salon

, a modified car and


parts show, with a

body kit

. It’s a subtle one, consisting of a black front lip spoiler, black side skirts, and a longer, slightly upturned rear spoiler. Its low-key design fits in well with the


‘s taut, clean lines, and it makes the car look lower and more purposeful.

The Mazda3 isn’t the only car getting some love at the

Tokyo Auto Salon

. The company will display an

MX-5 Miata

with a removable hardtop made of carbon fiber. Now, you may remember that

Mazda does offer a hardtop, but just for racing drivers

. That top is a bit odd looking with a really high rear-end to clear motorsports-spec roll bars and cages. This top follows the lines of the roadster’s soft top, looking much more sleek.

Neither sets of parts here have been announced for production, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them show up as Mazda accessories. The Mazda3 body kit in particular seems a shoe-in, since the previous generation Mazda3 had a very similar appearance package available. The Miata top certainly seems as though it was designed with regular consumers in mind. Its future is less certain, though. For one thing, Mazda can point to

the Miata RF

if you want a solid roof. Then again, Mazda still offered a removable hardtop for conventional Miata roadsters even after

the original power-retractable hardtop model

was introduced. If it does come to market, though, expect it to be made from more affordable fiberglass and be painted in factory colors.

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