Toyota Supra gets modified for the first time by TRD

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2020 Supra

is still young in this world (though it feels 5 years old at this point), but a TRD Performance Line Concept version of the


happened to be revealed in Japan this past weekend. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it is the first time TRD has gotten its hands dirty with the MkV Supra. TRD showed us

a teaser

for this car not too long ago with a big wing, though the actual car was not wearing that in its reveal at the 2019 Osaka Automesse.

All the modifications are aero-focused for this concept. We’re

sad to say

TRD didn’t touch the inline-six engine — perhaps a power bump was too much to hope for this early in the game. Regardless, all the enhanced aero parts are made of carbon fiber and were developed in the wind tunnel to produce tangible gains in downforce and stability. Included on the concept is a front spoiler, side skirt, door garnish, trunk spoiler and rear spats.

Those pieces combine to produce an unspecified amount of extra downforce from all their extruding fins. You’ll notice the Supra isn’t wearing its normal 19-inch forged wheels any more, either. TRD went with a different design for its 19-inch forged aluminum wheel. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s hard to see this wheel design as much improvement over the stock wheel — and no claims of it being any lighter are made. All the aero parts do make it look like the Supra is hunkering closer to the ground now, which is something we can be happy about. Although suspension remains stock, along with the brakes.

Will these mods make much of a difference in normal driving of the


? No, you’ll probably have to take it to a track to really get a feel for what a little extra push into the road feels like. This concept represents what a TRD parts catalog will probably resemble once the Supra officially goes on sale. Carbon fiber parts are always ridiculously pricey, so you’ll surely have to save up a good bit beyond the $50,000 it’ll cost to get your base Supra in the first place.

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