Fastback Ford F-150 proves crossover coupes are so hot right now

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Michigan Vehicle Solutions (MVS) wants to solve automotive problems, even ones that don’t exist. The Detroit-area garage just announced a new type of truck bed cap that could either set off a major trend or end up in the history books as an invention nobody asked for.


for the

Ford F-150

, the


is a sloping triangular cap that creates the look of a fastback pickup.

Since the beginning of

car design

, there has been a battle raging on between two pillars that blend together to create an automobile. Form and function are constantly at odds, each trying to convince designers it is more important than the other. On pickup trucks, which are inherently meant for work, function has always been of highest importance. MVS wanted to slightly shift that idea.

Traditionally, bed caps are used for two main purposes: to cover and protect the gear inside the bed and to expand the amount of available space in the bed. The Aero-X technically addresses both of these areas, and adds its own style. The single-piece application completely changes the look of the truck, and MVS says the design aids in aerodynamic efficiency, as well

Pointed out by

The Drive

, the Fiberglass Aero-X functions similarly to a


. Gas struts lift the top portion up, while the sides remain stationary. It uses OEM paint, has a finished headliner, offers tempered and tinted glass, and has an LED interior dome light. It also has an integrated LED brake light and locks with a key. For extra cost, buyers can add a rear spoiler to match the aggressive

sports car

look of the window louvres or add a speaker system for tailgating tunes.

The Aero-X, which reportedly starts at $3,995, is available for


with 5.5- and 6.5-foot beds model year 2015 to current. MVS also states that similar designs will be available for more




, Ram,


, and



Although similar designs or looks have been seen before in the auto realm, the industry is ripe for a truck trend like this. Performance SUVs and


are taking off,

truck sales

are better than ever, and four-door “coupes” are popping up left and right. If people are willing to sacrifice practicality on an SUV for the sportier sloped-roof design, then there are surely people who will buy a more interesting bed cap that is temporary and legitimately useful.

Call us crazy, but we think these would fit perfectly on a

Harley-Davidson F-150

or a

Shelby F-150


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